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NatGeo ad sales mailer

When National Geographic Channel approached Peloton with the request for an ad sales mailer they had one specific request: “We don’t want to see the same old thing.”


Behold the rectangle! Our solution combined the interior premium packaging with the advertising message, presented the sales materials front and center, and neatly delivered all 24 pre-packed premiums in an unforgettably Nat Geo branded box. The typography literally embodies the “stay connected” theme, linking the shows, the messages, and the premium concept.


Most importantly, though, it’s doing its job:


“FANTASTIC!! So much fun! I love it all from the packaging, presentation, gift – home run for NatGeo!!”


“It’s probably one of the best visual pieces to come across my desk. The visuals, size and design really scream Nat Geo as well…This is some really impressive work.”




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