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With over 25 years of experience leading in-house teams, managing agencies, and guiding thousands of projects to successful outcomes, Todd Fedell, Peloton’s ECD, is offering guidance on optimizing creative team performance through two services: Workflow Assessment and Team Assessment.  

Workflow Assessment


Creative project workflow consists of a set of basic steps needed to ensure work is done on brief, on budget, and on time. Yet many organizations skip one or more of these steps and unknowingly create confusion and obstacles that hinder their workflow.


Peloton refers to these steps as: 1) Brief 2) Plan 3) Explore 4) Review and 5) Execute. The details of each, and the roles team member play at each step, creates an organization’s Process. Mostly likely your team – and your interactions with company stakeholders – can be more efficient and we offer objective insights to help improve your workflow processes and get them running more efficiently.


Team Assessment


One of the most difficult challenges facing creative team leadership is the ability to objectively review individual members and align teams to operate more efficiently. Relationships, HR policies, tenure, the pressures of change management, and daily work volume often impede judgement and deter needed evolution in favor of the calm status quo.


Having managed over 100 creatives throughout his career, Todd has become adept at recognizing strengths and gaps within creative teams and successfully realigning them to play to individual strengths and improve performance. It's true that a Team Assessment can involve parting ways with poor performers, but oftentimes a simple shift to a more strength-related role will reinvigorate talent and bring energy back to the group.


A groups’ structure can also be a factor to performance. Creative departments are most often organized into either Team-based or Discipline-based structures. Each has value, but role redundancies and role confusion can mire a team and slow reduce its effectiveness.

Peloton offers Talent Assessment to help you optimize your team and be of more value to the company.


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