The journey ahead

We're driven by creative challenges and the sense of accomplishment that comes with providing solutions. And just like in cycling, we believe that traveling the roads with others is more rewarding. We partner with our clients, mixing our expertise with theirs. We assemble a customized team of very talented people to meet a project's specific need. All work is managed through a single point of contact, so communication is simple.

A hands-on Creative Director, and owner of Peloton, Todd is a former creative executive with NBC, USA Network, and Cartoon Network. Todd has led teams of designers, writers, production artists, and photographers to produce many of the most successful campaigns in television. He is a detail oriented, big picture thinker, not just a designer. Able to conceptualize, manage, and get his hands dirty, he hasn't forgotten his career began as a boutique graphic designer. Todd’s work has won numerous awards and been featured in Promax/BDA, Graphis, Print, Communication Arts, HOW, the Art Director’s Club, and The One Show.

The Peloton team

Honesty. Integrity. and Skills! Peloton's team members are tried and true and trusted people, many of whom are former colleagues, who share a similar work ethic and have delivered time and time again. And each brings a unique talent, style, and perspective to the table. Designers, writers, producers, event managers - all are problem solvers and dedicated to doing their job correctly. 

Todd Fedell - Owner / Creative